» » Смотреть Фармацевт / La Pharmacienne / The Pharmacist (2014) Онлайн

Смотреть Фармацевт / La Pharmacienne / The Pharmacist (2014) Онлайн

3-я вкладка
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В ролях: Lana Fever, Sharon Lee, Yanick Shaft, Paloma, Phil Hollyday, Ricky Mancini, Rico Simmons, Anna Siline

These 2 druggists in a snow-white blouse don't enjoy to trade drugs. They still, in particular are warm! In their establishment or at them, with buyers or with their guy, they skip on all males what pass in their reach!
No later than yesterday, the customer came to take protective equipment of extremely huge size in fine Sharon. The fine Asian didn't fluctuate one another and them, it forced to try it the hostess after wettish orogenitalny contact! Quite good sharp sodomy hasn't enough anything that as to test firmness of latex. . .
Paloma haven't enough same chance. Here two weeks which his friend doesn't tie up more. Fortunately, Sharon gives it revolutionary medicine which will return courage of his person during one moment. Paloma is going can again try an anal orgasm. . .
However the druggist for whom Sharon and Paloma work, not in the rest shining still. Young ladies as beautiful Anna arrive from all the cherekh of parts of the world from the town at her to beg council for their malekhankikh of internal troubles. This druggist - the expert! He knows about own means on the end of fingers and in general!

Смотреть Фармацевт / La Pharmacienne / The Pharmacist (2014) Онлайн
2014 г.
Tony Carrera, Les comperes7Marc Dorcel
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