» » The Mademoiselle's Stallions / Жеребцы мадемуазель (2013)

The Mademoiselle's Stallions / Жеребцы мадемуазель (2013)

3-я вкладка
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Жанр: Feature

Язык: Английский

Студия: Marc Dorcel
В ролях: Anissa Kate, Franki, Jasmine Jae, Paige Turnah, Pascal White, Peter Oh Tool, Ryan Ryder

Описание: Maude is a beautiful young woman aged 21 with a very free attitude, collecting lovers and always open to new sexual experiences, especially if they involve several participants. Like she does every summer, Maude goes off to spend two weeks in England with her friend Charlotte, who lives with her parents surrounded by horses on a magnificent stud farm. Mary, Charlotte's mother, is a flamboyant woman in her forties who spends her time deceiving her husband with every young man she comes across, and humiliating her daughter who, unlike herself, is extremely shy with boys and therefore has an almost non-existent sex life. For Maude, it is all too much. She decides to carry out a devilish plan that will kill two birds with one stone: Charlotte will at last know the ecstasy of pleasure with a superb stallion, which will at the same time enable her to get her own back on her bitch of a mother. In the space of a week, this peaceful stud farm located in the English countryside will become the scene of every depravation, wild threesomes, deep buggery and mini gang bangs in the straw. In the end, the biggest slut is not the one you might have thought!

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Аудио: AAC 48000Hz stereo 1536kbps

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The Mademoiselle's Stallions / Жеребцы мадемуазель (2013)
2013 г.
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The Mademoiselle's Stallions / Жеребцы мадемуазель (2013)
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