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Lara Latex / Double Blast (2015)

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I?d seen Stevie on a few sites and thought that I had to get my hands on his cock and give him a Lara Latex test drive. In fact he picked me up in his car and via the short drive back to my place, i?d managed to entice him with my stockinged legs, heels and short tight mini skirt into having a mini fumble in the front of his car. If it wasn?t for the fact there were a load of roadworks that day, i think we would have been doomed to have crashed. In this episode i decided to send Jim out and just have 2 fixed cameras on tripods to capture the filth. Stevie was so excited that he fucked me for about 5 minutes and just had to shoot his load all over my pussy. But me, being me, I just knew that ...

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Lara Latex / Double Blast (2015)
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Lara Latex / Double Blast (2015)
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