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Разврат в Общаге 2(2014)

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Жанр: Amateur, College, Gonzo, Home Made Movies
Join the party that never ends!
Power Hour
This is the classic, and yet not ever boring, dorm party. These students were determined to win the money no matter what, so they decided to throw a nasty, crazy party with only hot chicks. Everything got crazy and sexy very very quickly, after someone dared another girl to take off her shirt. That was like a snowball effect which lead to almost everybody getting naked, and eventually a hot threesome occurred. This hot red hair chick, along with this other hot blonde were tag teaming this lucky dude, while everybody cheered the night away.

Hot Mess
These college students really know how to party. Everybody needs that one friend that will push a party even if you have to study. It's easy to say no to a party, if you have homework to do, but it's not easy when it involves chocolate syrup and an inflatable pool. Add great tits and some gorgeous asses, and you have a sweet hot mess. Girls love chocolate, and they go crazy for a chocolate covered cock. This is a must see episode.

Flashlight Party
Anybody can throw a party, but it takes a special crew to throw a flashlight party. That's where everybody brings a flashlight, they turn off the lights, and let the naughty nature take its course. In this latest submission, these young students did exactly that. As soon as the lights went off, so did the clothes. Best part of the night was having both couples fucking on the couch and going with the beat of the music, in sync. They really know how to throw a party in the dark!

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Разврат в Общаге 2(2014)
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Разврат в Общаге 2(2014)
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