» » Arianna aka Potty Mouth / Good Head (2015)

Arianna aka Potty Mouth / Good Head (2015)

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Жанр: All Sex, BlowJob, Hardcore

В ролях: Arianna aka Potty Mouth

Описание: Arianna, aka Potty Mouth, was a 19 year old hottie I found. It's probably my craziest pickup line ever. She was walking past me cursing on her phone and I yelled out "wow, potty mouth"...that was the beginning of our friendship. She was yapping about being stranded and broke. I offered her a ride home and some money, but I had to get something in return. She knew exactly what I meant. She had a really nice body. Nice butt. She said a couple dirty things here and there that almost made me bust instantly.

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Arianna aka Potty Mouth / Good Head (2015)
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