» » My Submissive Secretary / Моя Покорная Секретарша (Marc Dorcel) [2015

My Submissive Secretary / Моя Покорная Секретарша (Marc Dorcel) [2015

3-я вкладка
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Жанр: All sex

Режиссер: Franck Vic

Описание: With the help of Cara and her gorgeous friends, prepare to meet four secretaries with absolutely no boundaries! Modelling themselves on Cara, these assistants aren't just satisfied with being sexy, with their low-cut suits, subtly unbuttoned shirts, high heels and dream bodies. Gifted with an incredible sexual appetite and irresistible charm, they will stop at nothing to satisfy their bosses. When her boss is feeling stressed, Cara hurries to help him relax with a wet blowjob, her personal speciality. Getting into some wild sex in the office, the couple is eventually joined by a usinessman who happens to walk in on them. His exceptionally large member makes the young assistant come... Later in the day, Cara and her friend go and see if the rumours concerning the size of the new intern's assets are true. Stuck in the bathroom between these two smouldering creatures, he has no choice but to satisfy them several times with penetrating force. And the pleasure is far from over! Because Anissa, Felicia and Alexa are up next with a feast of brutal anal sex and double penetration. One thing is sure – for these charming secretaries, submission and pleasure are far from mere empty words.

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My Submissive Secretary / Моя Покорная Секретарша (Marc Dorcel) [2015
Marc Dorcel
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My Submissive Secretary / Моя Покорная Секретарша (Marc Dorcel) [2015
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