» » Dirty Weekend / Грязные Выходные (Viv Thomas) [2016]

Dirty Weekend / Грязные Выходные (Viv Thomas) [2016]

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  • Описание
Год выхода: 2016
Страна: USA
Режиссер: Alis Locanta
Студия: Viv Thomas, MetArt Films
Жанр: Lesbian, All Girl, Toys
Продолжительность: 1 hrs. 38 mins.

В ролях: Talia Mint, Naomi Nevena, Violette Pink, Sophia Laure

Описание: Who can resist such temptation? Two lesbian couples with a shared history let their sexual attraction boil over in Alis Locanta's compelling 'Dirty Weekend'. Violette Pink and her sexy French girlfriend Sophia Laure arrive to visit Talia Mint and Naomi Nevena, but Sophia and Naomi used to date, and Talia becomes jealous as she notices the obvious warmth between them. Talia asks Naomi about the relationship; Naomi admits Talia's jealousy turns her on, and kneels to eat her pussy, rubbing and fingering her frantically. Talia gets even louder and more breathless as Naomi bends her over the counter and eats her; then she straddles Naomi's lap and rides her fingers to a climax. Talia grabs a buttplug and eases it into Naomi's tight ass, licking her pussy until she's moaning with excitement, then fingering her ass to an intense orgasm. Their relationship seems safe for now, but as Violette starts to masturbate in the bathroom, there is the suggestion that trouble may be brewing... Violette emerges from the shower to find Sophia unpacking, and admits she is concerned that Sophia still has feelings for Naomi. Sophia reassures her with a kiss, growing passionate as Violette lets her towel fall. She straddles Sophia until she comes. Sophia goes face down, ass up for Violette to probe her asshole, frigging her pussy at the same time. When she's utterly satisfied, Sophia lies back and Violette straddles her face, riding her tongue. She turns over into doggy and Sophie rubs and spanks her clit as she finger-bangs her to an orgasm. The next day Violette checks Naomi's phone for evidence that she still wants Sophia. Naomi catches her, and after a tense conversation, admits she's actually attracted to her, not Sophia. She kisses Violette, who responds without hesitation, unaware that Naomi is taking pictures on her phone of their compromising behavior. Licking, fingering and ass-fucking gets them both off, but it seems Naomi has another motive beyond pure lust... Sophia tries to fight her secret attraction to Talia, but Naomi picks that moment to send Sophia evidence of Violette's betrayal. Sophia stops resisting and pleasures Talia with her fingers and tongue. Talia frigs Sophia's pussy skillfully, then slides a thick vibrator into her tight ass and licks her to a powerful orgasm. As the girls part at the end of the weekend, the future of all their relationships looks very ambiguous. A sexy tale of lust, jealousy and temptation, 'Dirty Weekend' is way too hot to resist!

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 Dirty Weekend / Грязные Выходные (Viv Thomas) [2016]  Dirty Weekend / Грязные Выходные (Viv Thomas) [2016]

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Dirty Weekend / Грязные Выходные (Viv Thomas) [2016]
Alis Locanta
1 hrs. 38 mins.
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